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International Moving

Moving Overseas

Wherever you may be or where you want to go, you can have arranged packing, customs procedures, transportation, storage, delivery of your household goods and all other services related to your moving with BAFA to make your moving consistent and guaranteed.

When you choose an international moving company you absolutely need to check the documents and information of high importance such as whether or not the company has its own vehicles, warehouse, personnel for packing, references, license. You should give your preference to companies authorized with C3 license for international moving of household and office goods issued by the Ministry of Transport.


BAFA offers full home moving services to your new address all around the world. We provide all services in the highest quality performed by professional teams including packing of your household goods at your address, placing into cases, loading, preparing lists, arrangement of customs procedures, transportation by air/land/sea to your new address, delivery services, assembly of your furniture, opening of the packages and boxes, placing in the rooms.

How To Ship International Goods?

You should definitely contact our company for international goods transportation. Service from our company All the goods of our customers are carefully packed and placed in the transportation vehicles.

Our company carries all your goods with insurance within the scope of international transportation. So your goods are safely transported and our company has any problems during transportation. Meets your loss. On the other hand, customs clearance of each country during international transportation is different and our company follows all the documents required for this. So you will not encounter any problems such as waiting at the customs gate. Our company in the contract made delivers your items to you within the promised time.

International Transport Varieties

According to the location of the country to be used for the transportation method to be used during international transportation the decision is made. Our company provides transportation in international goods, office and home transportation.

It is an institution authorized by the Ministry and has the necessary documents and C3 certificate. Therefore our reliability is guaranteed. According to the country to be visited in our company, land, air, sea and road transportation is used. Installation of the goods after the transportation service is completed and The necessary support is provided by our company.

International Transportation Fees

International transportation fees vary by company. In this regard, our company is the most serves as a suitable and reliable company. Guaranteed service and reasonable price policy by contacting our company that adopts international goods or office transportation fees.


You can learn. Prices change according to the type of transportation and country of destination in our company is showing. For price and information, you can reach 7/24 contact information.

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