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Packaging Services

Packaging Services

It is very difficult and tiring to do the packaging work alone in the home or workplace. When you want to move to a new home or workplace, packing it alone or with 2 people will be quite difficult. You will no longer need to deal with packaging jobs like this. All you need to do is to contact us. During the move, our expert teams will carry out all your packaging works with great care and hygiene for you.

Bafa Group Moving Service

Let's say you want to move your home abroad, but if you do not know how to do it, you will find the solution in Bafa Group packaging and transportation services. Coming to your home, we pack all your items carefully and beautifully. Then, we load it into the vehicle and we carry out customs operations, transportation, storage and delivery of the place you want to go. You sit at your house and watch them, then take a small suitcase with you and jump on the plane and move to your new home.

Bafa Group Pet Transport Services

You have a pet and is it difficult to carry it with you? Can't take your pets, who are your roommates, to the places you need to go by plane? Rest assured, we take your pet from you, put it in special cages, and take it to its destination without any violation of animal rights, and we carry out the delivery operations.

Now, when you say cage, you may be a little scared, but we are very careful in choosing a cage. E.g; we choose the size of the cage that your animal can sleep or stand. Even when your animal stands up, we make sure that there is a 10 cm gap between the ceiling and the ceiling. There are two containers in cages for both food and water. We have wet-absorbing mechanisms so that the inside of the cage is not wet. Our locks are designed to not hurt animals. You can trust the Bafa Group packaging and transportation service teams in peace of mind and deliver your pet with peace of mind

Bafa Group Office movement Services

Office transportation is the most difficult of the transportation. When you say documents and files, it becomes inexorable. But our team, which has expert and professional knowledge in the business, handles all these works without any delay and delay. The items in your office are packaged beautifully and they are taken to the new office and assembly operations are carried out if there are assembly operations. You go to your office, which is immaculately arranged and sit.

Bafa Group Used Car Transport

Not only does it transport cars; Packaging and transportation services are provided for domestic and international transportation of trailers, caravans, motorcycles, private aircraft entertainment and sports equipment. There are vehicles imported free of charge. If you want, you can visit our website and see what the conditions of the imported vehicle are. free importation into Turkey to make and it is important that how much time remains.

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