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It is a well-known fact in the market conditions how much all private and official institutions take into account the transportation business and how much they should trust the companies that will carry out their operations such as cargo and transportation in this process. While we provide you with endless trust in this matter, we also insure all your products to be shipped and shipped. Thus, you receive more than one service from a single company, but you pay a single service fee. Let's talk about our transportation projects in more detail.

Our institution namely; You are free to access our website to get to know the Bafa Group more closely and to review all the transportation services we plan to offer you. To get the transportation service you deserve, you need to choose our institution, which has a finger-pointed team in this market.

Corporate Freight Transport

It is difficult to find a company on the market that can deliver that cargo in time to the address of a product or material that needs to be moved. The reason for this is; companies are not fully able to improve themselves in terms of transportation. We insure your cargo against accidents and any disruptions under conditions that are suitable to be stored and stored, and then we will provide transportation to the address you provided on the date you requested.

We plan to make our place in the market stronger by providing transportation and transport services that require a high degree of responsibility and attention to important institutions and individuals like you. If you choose us and share your satisfaction with us, it is a very valuable feedback for us. By working with us, you can adapt yourself to a more comfortable business life. Let us carry your loads.

What is Moving Insurance?

You do not need to go into an intensive research on what is transportation insurance and how to do it. Because we offer you transportation insurance privilege in addition to the shipping service. As soon as you make the transportation insurance, we ensure that you send your cargo to the address you want, with your eyes closed.


Within the scope of our transportation insurance; All material damages that you may encounter due to damage, disruption in the result of transportation, wrong address delivery or any delay are paid by us as long as conditions arise.

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