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Bafa Group, which is the address of international transportation and storage since its establishment in 1997, is just a phone call away from you in international transportation operations. As one of the leading and trustworthy organizations in the sector, we provide 24/7 service with our professional and expert staff.

Bafa Group owes its success and longevity in the industry, creating transportation scenarios in line with customer demands and projecting these scenarios. As Bafa Group, we are an organization that prioritizes customer satisfaction

Let's manage the process

Everyone knows how difficult the moving process is. This is a much more difficult process, especially if this move is taking on international dimensions and changing the country. In some cases, it may be necessary to store these items, both domestic and abroad, when some items cannot go. Here, we step in and start your process in the storage business, just like moving. 


Our company, which offers the best warehouse solutions to its customers without any damage to your trust, is one of the leading companies in the industry. Just show your items to be stored is enough. Everything else continues under the control of Bafa Group.

Let's Plan

When and where to store what is always confusing. We offer the best storage solutions for our customers who do not want to discard or dispose of their valuable and moral valuables. Planning is in our storage process. Our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, also shows its professionalism in storage in the planning section of this process. Thus, no one who chooses our company will get tired, and there will be no confusion and anxiety. Our company thinks and organizes all this

Let's Make Storage

There is no storage by putting an item somewhere. It is necessary to create the appropriate environment and appropriate heat. We take a life-saving role with our storage solutions where temperature controls are monitored all day long thanks to superior technology. Keep in mind, because it is our duty to provide the appropriate conditions. No matter how much time has passed, you can get back everything you have stored as you would on the first day thanks to the appropriate storage conditions. Our company works for you day and night with its expert team, befitting the understanding of professionalism. It is our duty to provide superior service in storage as well as in transportation.

Let's Deliver Back Safely

Our company, which manages the process after storage in the best way, delivers the relics of our valued customers to the desired place at any time. The delivery process of this storage period, which is avoided without damaging and without having your mind in mind, is also managed successfully. Thanks to our expert staff, we offer the best service to our customers from start to finish without causing confusion. You can end your storage with the smiling face on the first day with the same satisfaction on the last day. As Bafa Group, we are always happy to run to you, our valued customers. Our company, which has adopted the customer satisfaction as a mission, continues its works in this field day by day.

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