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Customs clearance

Customs clearance

One of the most important aspects of the transportation process is the customs procedures. Some documents must be prepared before the beginning of transportation process for exit and entry customs procedures. 

Our staff responsible for the management of your transportation will provide you with detailed information on the documents necessary for exit and entry customs procedure from/to Turkey and will assist you at every step.

Customs Affairs at Entry and Exit

Our company guides you both in terms of entry into the country and the exit of goods from the country in customs operations. You should apply to us at least one or two weeks before the moving process in order to benefit from the customs transactions in more detail. It will make your job easier to start before the process of moving some documents. You should apply to customs affairs well in advance for the transfer of your goods in a healthy way, both at the entrance to our country from abroad and in the process of moving out from our country.

We Are Guiding

In order to apply to customs in the process of moving, our expert and experienced foreign trade specialist will provide you with the necessary services without interruption. Our staff who manage your move and this process inform you in detail and accompany you at every step. We help you to apply to the places where the documents are required to be collected and to carry out these operations without any problems on our guidance as the transportation company.

Everything Complies With Laws

While helping people in the moving operations, the only factor we aim at is to ensure that all works comply with the law. After the target laws, we serve you in the best way. As a requirement of the moving legislation, our company acts in accordance with the customs legislation in international transportation. Our company is an organization that is authorized and has the necessary permits and documents in this regard, while doing these operations on your behalf. It will be very advantageous for you to pay attention to these during the moving process. It is very useful to apply to us in order to take legal steps without any problems and without any problems.

About Documents

Our company helps you to deliver the documents and have a voice among these countries. The most important issue among the documents will be to act in accordance with the international agreements between these documents. 


Our company has validity of all documents submitted to you and documents are prepared for you under all legal conditions. We also help you with what documents are required. You can consult us and our opinions about the residence document or compilation of all necessary documents. All the information we give you is taken under the guidance of the consulate and transferred to you. 


By playing an agreement with the consulate, we play a role in transferring the necessary services to you first hand. If you contact our company, you will be provided with the most appropriate options. For this, you should definitely visit our official Internet address Bafa Group addresses and get more detailed information about the transactions.

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