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Pet Transportation

Pet Transportation

The Bafa personnel are fully competent in IATA Rules and pet transportation and also have constantly updated information on legal enforcements in the countries they operate. Whatever kind of pet you may want to have transported, their transportation with necessary expert approach and safe delivery to the destination can be provided.


You can contact us at for more information on transportation on pets.


NOTE: In cases of requests for transportation of live dogs: Since it is forbidden to “Breed, adopt, arrange entry into our country, sell and advertise, exchange, exhibit or give as a gift animals that constitute a threat such as Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa” in accordance with the provisions of subclause (L) of the Article 14 of the Law on Protection of Domestic Animals Nr. 5199 which came into force on 24.06.2004, aggressive or impossible to handle in emergency dogs cannot be accepted for transportation.

2 adult pets of comparable size each one of which is under 14 kg that are accustomed to live together can be transported in one cage/container. Pets which exceed this weight need to be transported in separate cages/containers.

Conditions That Need to Be Considered While Choosing a Cage

  • Your pet needs to be able to freely and in a natural position lie down, sit straight and turn around itself inside the cage

  • There has to be free space of no less than 10 cm between your pet and the top of the cage when it stands

  • If possible, there should be locking mechanisms and spring lock system at the door

  • There should be two bowls at the door – one for food and the other for water

  • The bottom should be covered with moisture absorbing material

Journey of Pets with Special Cages

Aggressive and different animals are taken separately with special cages. Carried

the cages are made of high quality and solid materials and are fully designed with special designs.

It is specially offered to pets. The stage of adopting pets, time to be taken to the examination and to be transported to our company during the clearing process

You can trust. It can be transported in two pets in a single cage. Each animal is about

When 14 kg, dual transports will be possible. All transported in containers or cages

pets are more comfortable and calm.

Calm and Peaceful Journey

Our website contains all the details about the transportation of pets. animals

When moving, the cages are kept upright and placed in a separate section. An air that can get enough air your little friends who have a cage can say hello to the most enjoyable journey. Of all cages it contains a container of water and a container of food. With anti-slip apparatuses fixed cages are very suitable for pet transportation. Our company has been in this field for years it shows its experience at any time.

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